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Buckwheat bread (Three ingredients, gluten-free)

Buckwheat bread (Three ingredients, gluten-free)

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This easy 3-ingredient recipe will help you unlock the health benefits that come with a gluten-free, organic Buckwheat Bread high in protein, low in yeast, and zero-yeast.

The best flavour is achieved by using Inari Buckwheat Grain from Guelph Ontario Canada.

The best way to get the most out of mother nature is by choosing organic products.

Let’s go! It’s so easy. You’ll love it.

How to make gluten free buckwheat loaf

Groats for Buckwheat bread

You can buy a variety of groats at the supermarket or online. AmazonSuch as the Organic Inari Buckwheat Groats.

It is not expensive to buy a 500g bag of buckwheat bread, as you will require it for the recipe.

One buckwheat grain stood out when I tried this recipe using three different kinds of buckwheat.

You can also find out more about the following: Inari brandWe chose buckwheat made in Guelph Ontario Canada because the product’s backstory and quality met our expectations.

Inari did not sponsor this article, but it was important for us to share the story of how we made this delicious Buckwheat Bread from the finest groats.

The following stores sell Inari Buckwheat groats.

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