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Basic Budget Terms You Should Know

Basic Budget Terms You Should Know

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Before starting any budget, it is important to learn the basic terms. Financial Journey

Before I started this blog, I had read the entire book. Blogging For Dummies I highly recommend it.

Budgets are a work of art, and I don’t care what anyone has to say about them who dislikes them.

We would not exist without a budget debt-free And living a free life, where we owe no one anything.

Although we’ve learned insurmountable financial information, we continue learning budget terminology year after year.

Today I want to review Basic budget terminology For anyone who knows budgeting or enjoys finance education.

Canadian Budget Binder – Personal Budget Terminology Everybody Should Know

Understanding how budgets work

If you are here, it is probably because I asked that you read this article before beginning my blog. Simple 10-Step Budgeting Series.

If you’re here, it could be because you want to know more about budgeting.

Either way, you’ve made a wise decision because it’s essential to know how to keep the boat afloat so you don’t sink it.

Canadian Budget Binder fan Tracy Miller wanted to share “Cash envelopes” as budget…

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