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Barbie Cutie Reveal Deal

Barbie Cutie Reveal Deal

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Take a look at our website Barbie Cutie Reveal Huskey Oder Teddy Bear Amazon.ca – Just $27.99 (reg. $39.99). Here are some details.

  • The Snowflake Sparkle Series Barbie Cutie Reveal dolls offer 10 surprises in one package. They deliver the most adorable unboxing experience, with plush winter animals and fashions, surprises, and transforming fun (each sold individually, subject to availability).
  • Unpack the package to discover a soft, plush puppy with tinsel fur.
  • Take off the costume head and reveal a Barbie doll with long, icy blonde hair and twinkle-shine features.
  • To find clothing and accessories, open the surprise bags: cool blue skirt, pair blue boots, sponge-comb and puppy-ear headband.
  • Reversing the top of the costume can be used to dress Barbie doll up. This will allow you to make a fleece jacket in a soft, wintry pattern in shades of iceblue. The costume head can be used as a bed to accommodate the miniature husky friend.
  • Surprises continue for color-change cuteness -use icy cold water to transform Barbie doll’s face with a winter-snowflake sparkle face paint and to “open and close” the mini husky’s eyes. Get back to…

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