Home Entertainment Bailey Spinn on 'Romance Is Dead,' Coming Out & More

Bailey Spinn on 'Romance Is Dead,' Coming Out & More

Bailey Spinn on 'Romance Is Dead,' Coming Out & More

Bailey Spinn is making her mark in the music industry as a singer-performer.

Bailey Spinn On ‘Romance Is Dead,’ Coming Out As Pansexual & More

Spinn began her music career with TikTok. She recently released her debut single, “Romance Is Dead.” Spinn, a member the LGBTQ+ community wanted to make sure that her audience could relate to and feel included in the song.

Sonia Baghdady reports that she says, “I listen to many songs and I try to relate to them. But there is something about them I cannot relate to because I am always interested in other people.” Advocate Now. “When you add the gender pronouns, it blocks out a part of the audience that can relate to the music. … I felt it was important to leave them out.”

Spinn’s decision to follow that path led her to realize that higher education was not for her. Spinn, at the insistence of her manager and after her first year of college, dropped out to pursue TikTok. She says it was a difficult decision.

Spinn said that everyone in her family had graduated from college except her. “It was really frightening” to tell her mother and father she was leaving. She’s now a successful career ,…

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