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Auto Theft Prevention Tips for Canada

Auto Theft Prevention Tips for Canada

There has been a significant increase in auto thefts in the Greater Toronto Area.

It is not what you want to do.

When a thief breaks into a vehicle, that’s one thing but when they take the whole nine yards, that’s a big problem.

Today I will be discussing auto theft and how Canadians can protect themselves against would-be thieves.

You can have it happen to you!

How to protect your car from auto theft

Canada sees an increase in auto theft

Dodge Ram owners from South Western Ontario struggled to secure their vehicles against auto theft by the end 2022.

Carjackings have increased by 45%, and auto theft in Missausage and Brampton has increased by a staggering 30%.

Edmonton and other places were also involved in the Dodge Ram auto theft ring. Police warned Dodge Ram owners about this in November 2022.

The EPS TRAP (Targeted response to auto-theft prevention) team is investigating a string of thefts of Dodge high-end models.

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