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Anxious for Our Addition

Anxious for Our Addition

If you’ve been following along on my previous posts, you know that I took a break from working on the master bathroom because Matt urged me to take a week to focus on some other areas of the house that had gotten out of control. I even had a dumpster delivered (also at Matt’s request) so that I could get rid of as much stuff as possible as quickly as possible. The dumpster should have arrived by Monday evening, as I expected it to take seven days. The guy didn’t pick it up until Thursday. It was left here for a few more days than I expected, so it took me a while to fill it up. I took the opportunity! He came to pick it all up and the dumpster was full enough to transport it safely down the road. (And I’m pretty sure he had a cover to put over it just to be sure it was safe.) So our house is definitely feeling “lighter” now. The sunroom is still far from being organized but I am able to open it. […]

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