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An update–New territory for Lars

An update–New territory for Lars

I got a dm on Instagram the other day that read: “Brittany–loving all of the products lately. You are officially on a store on the verge of a big brand.” I responded with a big “thank you! That’s the idea! We’re working really hard on it!” This was from a friend of Lars so I was honored that she had noticed our hard work. But if you haven’t noticed then I wanted to let you in on an update–some new territory for us if you will.

Brief History

If you’re new here, let me give you a rundown (you can read about it here too). About 12 years ago, I opened an Etsy store and created some souvenirs to commemorate the royal wedding between Kate and William. I had thought that I would marry Prince William. (Truly I did! Well, if you can’t marry a royal, you make some mugs and sell them on Portobello Road, right?! The shop was a hit and featured the products all over the world. I tried a few other products but focused my energy and time on DIYs. Sponsorships on the site and social media became the main source of income.

For the last 10 years it’s followed this path, but in the last few years we started working with companies in a licensing way where we design…

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