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Air Fryer Kale Chips

Air Fryer Kale Chips

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This recipe for crispy low-carb air-fried kale chips is a must-try.

Kale is best when harvested in the fall. It has a sweet and nutty taste, which makes it the perfect ingredient for chips.

Today I will be sharing Air fryer kale fries: How to make them perfect It takes 8 minutes to get the job done.

Low Carb Crispy Kale Chips Recipe

Buy An Air Fryer

We searched for a replacement microwave in January after ours stopped working.

We bought a microwave instead of a standard one. Cuisinart/Air Fryer 3 in 1 oven.

Model: AMW-60C
• 3-in-1: microwave, air fryer and convection oven with specially engineered heater/fan configuration for optimal results
• Air fryer and oven functions: adjustable time and temperature, preset options
• Microwave functions: preset microwave options, 11 power levels (0-10), auto-cook, defrost by time or weight
• Sleek touchpad controls with white LED display
• Stainless-steel interior will not absorb odours and is easy to clean
• Make all your favourites, including french fries, chicken wings and frozen snacks
• Convenient child lock option
• Oven light to view your progress
• Capacity: 0.6 cubic feet
• Wattage: 1500 (air…

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