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Air Fryer Bacon

Air Fryer Bacon

How to make crispy bacon? Air Fryer Bacon. It is easy to use and doesn’t create a mess when cooking bacon in the air fryer. You’ll love the easy cleanup and the awesome taste!

For years we’ve been baking bacon on the stovetop, which works great for large batches. But sometimes you just want a few pieces or don’t want to turn your oven on.

The air fryer is the answer!

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How to cook air fryer bacon

*I’ll walk you through it here with some photos and tips, and you’ll also find a printable recipe card at the bottom of the post with exact measurements, etc. You can also click “jump to recipe” to skip down.

Start by lining the basket of an air fryer in a basket style (this is what I use for parchment). If you have an air fryer that is oven-style, line the bottom tray with foil.

Place your bacon on the tray or in the basket. You may have to cut the bacon to fit the air fryer depending on its size. Pro tip: To prevent the bacon from flying about or curling, place a rack of wire on top.

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