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A Variable & Non-Monthly Expense List for Your Budget

A Variable & Non-Monthly Expense List for Your Budget

If you’re building out a budget for the first time and you’re being your best responsible self, it’s important to understand the advantage of turning those big non-monthly expenses/variable expenses/True Expenses/what-ever-you-call-them into more manageable monthly chunks.

We’ve made a build-your-best budget list of non-monthly expenses to help you transform those turbulent ups and downs into smooth sailing (and saving) instead.

How to budget non-monthly expenses

There’s nothing worse in the budgeting world than a rogue expense popping up and derailing your carefully calculated plan—and sometimes your checking account. 

But really, non-monthly expenses aren’t unexpected…it’s more that they’re just easy to forget. These expenses can be incorporated into your monthly budget to help you organize your finances and provide predictability for unexpected bills. 

So first, grab a notebook and a pen, or a fresh Word document, and ask yourself, “What are irregular expenses?” Don’t forget annual expenses like that AAA membership or Amazon Prime subscription that’s set to renew automatically!

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