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A checklist for creating a realistic budget

A checklist for creating a realistic budget

If you’ve been in the CGS community for a while, then you know I preach this fact: a budget is the number one tool for financial success. I’ll never stop advocating for budgeting because it’s what turned my life around over a decade ago and led me to where I am right now – writing this article in the City Girl Savings office space as a full-time finance coach. That’s right. All those things were possible thanks to budgeting. Now, I’m sharing the love.

You may already know that I studied finance. Cal State Northridge awarded me my Bachelor’s degree in Finance. I made all the wrong financial decisions in my personal life while attending finance school.

That’s because there’s SO much more to budgeting and money management than “knowing what to do”. I mean, come on…we all know what to do. Save. Reduce your spending. Avoid overspending. It’s the implementation of these things that is difficult.

Budgeting is both an art and science, I believe. You can’t just list out your bills and call it a day! To be consistent, you need to include a few things. I’m walking you through a checklist for creating your realistic budget plan, so you can…

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