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75+ Things That I Do To Improve My Life🔥

75+ Things That I Do To Improve My Life🔥

Good morning!

Here’s an outline of tips and tricks I do to help me live my Best Life 🙂

I started putting it together for a possible book or PDF or something?, but I also just wanted a place that captures it all for easy reference later… If you like it, I’ll do an update as other ones come to mind!

It really is amazing how good habits can compound over time… Bad ones too, but we’ll save that list for another day 😉


A lot of things have been done.
Change my life


  • Tracking my net worth
  • Automating all bills
  • Consolidating all banks
  • All debt payments and investments should be rounded up
  • One credit card per transaction (and monthly payment)
  • Maximizing retirement savings every year
  • All tax documents stored in one location
  • No matter how small, tip 20%
  • Cash clip: Always keep cash in my wallet
  • Keep a $20 bill handy in case of an emergency.


  • Always buying it if it’s a book
  • Always buying it if it’s under $10.00
  • Asking: “Would I rather have This thing or cash?” before any purchase
  • Asking: “Would I wear this out the dressing room?” before any clothes purchase
  • Shop thrift stores to find cheap fashion
  • Always have a backup plan in place for any items you purchase
  • All packages that are required to be…

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