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7 ways to save money on make-up

7 ways to save money on make-up

Before I became a “City Girl Savings” gal, my biggest budget buster was definitely my “Beauty/Grooming” area. It was a reasonable decision. I had been to makeup school once and was doing freelance makeup at the time. I believed I could afford it. You know what happened next? March 2020.

Without going too deep into my “rock bottom” moment (maybe another blog for another day), if I wanted to still be creative in makeup, I had to quickly learn how to cut my beauty category. Continue reading to find out how to save money creatively on makeup

#1 Use What You Already Have

I can only speak for myself, but more than likely you have a mini Sephora/Ulta in your beauty stash and you don’t even realize it! It can be difficult to keep up to date with all the latest makeup products. From the new “must-have” eyeshadow palette, a new drop from Fenty Beauty (Hey, RiRi girl), or whatever celebrity decides to break into the beauty world. 

However, make it a goal to use the palettes you already have and “hit pan”, meaning to use it up until you get to the bottom of the pan! Also, you really don’t need 8 different red lipsticks…I know what you’re thinking, but you really don’t. Continue reading…

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