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5 Ways to Avoid Catastrophic Thinking

5 Ways to Avoid Catastrophic Thinking

Catastrophic thinking simply means that an individual believes the worst. It’s when an individual sees an unfavorable result and decides, if it does occur, that it will be a disaster.

Catastrophic thinking refers to taking a setback to the worst outcome. Catastrophic thinking is when you think backwards in a country song. You get your job back, you get your pick-up back and you get your lady back.

Athletics are a place where negative or catastrophic thinking is a key component. This is why many examples will be taken from the world.

What is Catastrophic Thinking, exactly?

Psychology Today describes catastrophic thinking as worrying about the worst-case scenarios and ruminating on them.[1] Two common ways of describing catastrophic thinking are “making a mountain out of a molehill” and “blowing things out of proportion.”

One example is your boss making derogatory comments about your work. You then take that comment to the conclusion that he is going to fire you and you’ll never find another job, ending up homeless.

Another example is that if you fail to pass this exam, you will be dropped from the course. This course is not for you if you fail it. If you fail…

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