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Five Ways to Love Youself More When Single

Five Ways to Love Youself More When Single

I have been a single goddess for about 7 years now (wow lol), and every year between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day is pretty much the only time where I wouldn’t mind entertaining the thought of dating… or how nice it would be to have a male companion (or at least someone to start up my car in the winters and wear matching PJs during the holiday season haha)!

Well, I’ve learned that self-love during my single season is truly a gift and this is a time I want to cherish. Therefore, I’m going to share 5 ways you can love yourself more while being a single goddess!

#1 Go Solo on Dates

One thing I’ve learned is that I truly am my own best friend. I don’t need someone to take my on a date with. I wrote about solo dating in my article, “5 ways to frugally romanticize your life”, but this is truly the most obvious way to love yourself more while single! 

Dress up and plan your date. Book a night in a downtown hotel, dress up and buy flowers. Then, take the time to go to the play or movie. Shoot, book your own solo “baecation”! You can take yourself on a…

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