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5 Ways You Can Love Yourself Today

5 Ways You Can Love Yourself Today

If you don’t love on yourself, then who the heck will?! Self-love, which is a serious form of appreciation for yourself, is the most important. You hear it in every song. Why not try believing it and living it? Self-love shouldn’t be a surprise.

While it is true that social media standards are unrealistic and beauty norms seem as fake as plastic utensils, our world today is not. At times it can truly feel like society picks apart women’s appearances and pits us against each other in a way our male counterparts have never experienced.

Know that you’re not alone and the City Girl Savings community is there to help. These are five ways to love yourself today. 

#1 Forgive Youself

We are probably one of our hardest critics and to make matters worse, we’re harder on ourselves over the smallest (and sometimes dumbest) things. We can beat ourselves up over forgetting our lunch at home, forcing us to spend…or worst-case scenario: skip lunch altogether. That one incident will linger in our minds for the entire day, and us being the species we are, we beat ourselves up over it because “we don’t have room for mistakes.”

I say…

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