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5 ways to frugally romanticize your life

5 ways to frugally romanticize your life

In the last few months I have gravitated towards content that aligns with my values: mental health, self care/self-love, and living the best life possible. I’ve been intentionally trying to curate my social media algorithms to align with those pillars in hopes that I won’t see the content that will make me feel bad or “less than”. I’ve been doing a great job at that (you go girl, Lena) and have been lucky to discover the “soft girl era” aesthetic on YouTube and TikTok (which is a beautiful place haha).

One day as I was scrolling on YouTube (probably procrastinating), I came across something called “How to Romanticize Your Life”, and of course I was intrigued and wanted to learn what exactly this meant; does this involve a romantic love? Self-love? How do I romance? Is there a price? Do I need romance? My sis would say ‘yes’!

Anyways, I remember I ended up watching so many videos on both YouTube and TikTok from content creators on romanticizing your life, which essentially is appreciating the little, everyday, “mundane” things; recognizing how unique and special “being present moment” is. Pretty much, romanticizing…

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