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23 Money Moves to Implement by 2023

23 Money Moves to Implement by 2023

It is amazing to me how quickly the time goes. As I age, the speed at which time moves seems to increase. You can only imagine how fast the time goes when you have kids. In keeping with CGS tradition, I like to start each new year with a list of things people can do to ensure they’re in a better financial position.

Since 2017, I’ve been listing out ideas, moves, and strategies to implement. 2023 will be no different! I’m sharing 23 money moves to implement in 2023 to make progress in your financial situation! We will never stop learning, so let’s make the most of it.

23 Money Moves to Implement by 2023

#1 Start recession-proofing your finances

I don’t think we can deny the state of the U.S. economy. Higher interest rates, layoffs and lower homebuying demands are just a few of the signs. All signs that we’re headed to (or already in) a recession. This article explains. What Happens if a Recession occurs?This is a summary of what a recession looks like for everyday people.

It’s going to impact some harder than others, but there are things all of us can do to start “recession-proofing” our finances. Establish a budget. Put more money into savings. Reduce unnecessary spending. You should have a plan in place for any changes in your income.

#2 Put your savings in a…

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