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Take a Break from Your Comfort Zone in These 20 Small Steps

Take a Break from Your Comfort Zone in These 20 Small Steps

“Get out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.”
Brian Tracy

I’m a big fan of doing the unusual thing. Sometimes in big ways. Mixing things up is often done in small, daily ways.


This habit is simple and easy to maintain.

Break out of your comfort zones.

You will find it easier to get out of the comfort zone if you are a person who enjoys experimenting and tries new things.

You will find that this habit reduces the resistance you feel and the fears that might hold you back.

Bring some life to your day. 

This keeps you out of the daily or even weekly rut. It adds fun to your daily or weekly routine.

Refuel curiosity for the world.

When you do the unusual thing regularly you to discover a ton of new and exciting things.

It will also rekindle your curiosity about the other worlds you haven’t yet discovered.

How can you break your comfort zone and do something unusual in small, but sometimes larger ways?

You can get out of your comfort zone in 20 ways

1. Take the odd thing to eat

If you’re looking for a meatless option, try a vegetarian option.

If you are a beef lover, try fish.

2. Smile towards everyone.

Try smiling more instead of simply going through the motions.

Smile at co-workers and the woman at the check out at the supermarket. Also smile at those who are closest to your heart. And when you come across a reflection, smile at yourself. Watch what happens.

3. Make something new.

Every week, we cook a different recipe.

It’s a great way to discover new, and sometimes surprising, favorites.

In the past few years, it has made me a much better cook.

4. Mix your music.

Every month, I try out new music.

I look up the best music at sites such as Metacritic. Then I download a few of these albums to Spotify and listen.

5. Work in silence and complete stillness.

Enjoy the silence by closing the door to your workplace, turning off the music and unplugging the internet.

6. Your friends won’t know what you are reading.

I have learned many new things and gained new skills.

7. Shop for all of your needs this week.

Sit down and plan your meals for the week. You can get everything you need at the store.

Now you don’t have to go back there for a week and you’ll probably have a bunch of extra free time (and less stress) to enjoy this week.

8. Have a kind day.

Instead of the usual irony and sarcasm, try to be kind and friendly. Try to have a day when you are kind and friendly with everyone, including yourself.

9. Enjoy yourself.

All the fluctuations that you experience during your day are part of life.

So on some days I just tell myself: “enjoy it all”.

Then I try to enjoy my day no matter if the inbox is overfull, if I’m hungry and starting to get cranky. The things I usually don’t like so much I tell myself to enjoy as a part of life.

My day is actually more enjoyable, because we can choose how we think about life.

10. Be on the lookout for anything odd

If you’re usually into thrillers, try a romantic drama. Try an animated Japanese movie if you are usually stuck watching documentaries (I highly recommend Hayao Miyazaki).

Severance is a great alternative to Family Guy. To get new impressions, expand what you watch.

11. Listen to the sounds of the world.

Keep your music player/app in your pocket or at home.

Listen to the sounds as you walk around.

12. Take a whole day off.

I usually spend one day per week (usually Sunday or Saturday) offline. It’s a wonderful change of pace and feels like I’m on a small, healthy and extra relaxing vacation.

It’s also more enjoyable to return to work on Monday.

13. Turn off the news.

For one day, try not to read the paper or watch the news. Watch how you feel and how much news you miss.

14. Hide a message for someone you love.

Hide a sweet note of affection for a partner, family member or a friend in his or her cookie jar, tea or coffee container, book on the nightstand, hat, shoes or somewhere else where they look each day.

Surprise and delight your loved one in a new, unexpected way.

15. Consider a different route.

You can go to work or school. You can go to the gym or your home.

You can discover new things even while in the transport mode.

16. Take the bike or walk to work.

Take the bus or car instead of the usual. Take a walk and get some fresh air to help you prepare for work and your return home.

17. Just for today, let’s go.

You can let go of all the things that you have been replaying in your head or are often involved in arguments.

Tomorrow, you can resume your old habits right where you left them.

For today, let’s not argue. Just walk away. Let it go today if you are replaying something in your head. When an old memory surfaces today, don’t dwell on it.

18. Go out

If you usually stay in during the weekdays, then call up a few friends and head down to the pub for a few hours even if it’s just a Wednesday.

Or call up someone you haven’t met in ages and go for a cup of tea or coffee. You can also go to the cinema and watch a film.

You can also just stay in bed with your pajamas on and relax.

19. Sit at a different place.

You can try a new chair or spot today. This can help you gain a different perspective, whether at work or home.

It has even given me new ideas and perspectives.

20. Throw out the things you haven’t used in 1 year.

Go through one part of your home – a closet, a drawer in your desk or bedroom cabinet – and see what’s in there.

Ask yourself the following questions as you go through each item:

Has this item been used in the last year?

If you don’t want to keep it, donate the item or items to charity or give them away. You can also throw them out.


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