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20 powerful quotes to help you manage difficult relationships

20 powerful quotes to help you manage difficult relationships

Relationships with family are not easy.

People push us buttons so much that it is hard to not react emotionally. Others can trigger our deepest hurts and make us question our worthiness or our sanity. And sometimes, without even realizing it, we’re the ones creating unnecessary conflict and drama.

We take things personally that aren’t really about us, assume the worst in people and act accordingly, and fight to be heard and understood while refusing to hear or understand the other person.

I know I’ve done all these things before, and I always wish later I’d responded more skillfully. You can be less emotional, defensive, or self-righteous. More calm, self-awareness, and receptiveness.

Knowing that holidays can feel like emotional landmines for many, I created a collection to help you all deal with those stressful and triggering moments.

Take them with you, absorb them, and bring them into your daily life.

These messages will save you some pain and help you become the person you desire to be.

And speaking of being the person you want to be, there’s still time to enter the Best You, Best Life Bundle Giveaway. Five winners will each receive $2000+ in eCourses for mindfulness, emotional regulation and relationships.

I wish you a wonderful holiday weekend, friends!

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