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Twelve Metrics to Measure Wealth

Twelve Metrics to Measure Wealth

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You must be able to bridge the gap between your income, where you spend your money, and your future costs.

We want to Retire earlyThis means that we need to save enough money today so that we can live comfortably in retirement.

Whether it’s people we have told about our financial success or on the blog, we’ve been asked what metrics we use to achieve wealth.

What is the basic idea?

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The Metrics we Use to Achieve Wealth

When Mrs. CBB asked her what she would be doing today, she responded budgeting.

Her response was, “You’re always budgeting.”

Although not false, we don’t revolve our life around it and neither should you.

Wealth is not the same for everyone

I will start by saying that the term ‘wealth’ is overrated and vague.

What wealth means to one person often doesn’t reflect what others seek.

When watching a YouTube video on homelessness in Canada a man stated that having a place to sleep was more important than everything else.

How many of us sleep in a cozy bed underneath a brick and mortar roof?

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