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101 Blessings for a Positive Start to the New Week

101 Blessings for a Positive Start to the New Week

It’s a brand new week.

A time to learn from last week’s setbacks and then turn your focus towards the present and future.

Time for a fresh start. To improve your life, to be more successful and to have more love and compassion in it.

So to help you with that and to make sure you get a great start to your week – and can help others in your life do the same – I’d like to share 101 of the best and most inspiring new week blessings.

I hope you’ll find something positive and helpful here.

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The New Week Blessings

“Have a blessed week ahead! May all your dreams come true, love fill your life and may the sun shine on your week.”

“Make this a special week ahead by going the extra mile at work, loving your family a little extra and by staying true to your values and dreams.”

“It’s up to me to make this a glorious week or not. I decide with my thoughts and the actions I take what kind of week this will be.”

“Stay positive, believe in yourself and trust in God. You have everything you need to make your hopes and dreams come true on this blessed week.”

“Have a wonderful week ahead! I prayed for your happiness and wish that all of your dreams would come true. Wishing you the very best, my dear.”

“Good morning, may your blessed week be filled with kindness, positive energy and plenty of steps taken towards your most important goals and dreams.”

“I hope you’ll get a break from the negative events of the previous week and have a fabulous week ahead of you.”

“The week is just getting started, and I hope you’re excited to get things going. Let’s begin today together with positive words and kindness as I wish you all a happy new week.

“May this new week sweep away weariness and negativity that seeped into your soul. You will be filled with fresh energy and a positive outlook. Happy new week wishes and hopes to you!”

“Wishing you a fantastic week ahead, my love! I hope you’ll stay healthy, happy and achieve great things. I love you so much!”

“Happy new week wishes! Believe in yourself as much as I do and nothing can stand in your way.”

“You make this a happy and blessed week, dear. And I’ll make sure to do the same for you on this wonderful new week.”

A blessing about listening more than you talk.

“This week, listen more than you talk. Give more than take. Smile more than frown. Give the blessings you want to receive.”

“Happy new week blessings! May the love of God and of your loved ones be with you and support you this week.”

“Try this for the next 7 days: ignore unnecessary negativity both from others and yourself. And just see how that changes your week.”

“May this new week be filled with hope and overflow with abundant blessings for you and the people close to you in life. Have a great week ahead!”

“Promise me to keep joy and optimism in your heart even if you stumble or fall this week.”

“As the week begins, focus on what matters the most to you to make this a meaningful and joyful week ahead of you.”

“This week, do the best you can with the situation you’re in and with what you have right now.”

Motivational New Week Blessings

“Have a great week ahead! May this week bring peace, joy, and happiness to your heart and soul.”

“As you wake up this morning, promise yourself to make the best of things to have a great week ahead.”

A blessing about joy and peace to you and your loved one.

“Have a great week ahead! May the beginning of this week bring joy, peace and happiness to you and your loved ones.”

“You will take the steps forward this week and accomplish whatever you want. Own it, and make your dreams real. Have a wonderful and fruitful week!”

“It’s a new week. A new start. So let’s go with what you deeply want out of your life and let’s let go of the things you don’t want burdening you anymore.”

“Thank you for another great week, my dear, and I hope your next, new week is as vibrant and wonderful as you are.”

“I think you’ll have a wonderful week. This is the week that all your dreams begin to become reality. I believe in you. In what you stand for, in the sharpness of your mind and in the competence you’ve shown.”

“Stop standing in your own way. Listen to those who are negative. Make this a fresh week of great and memorable outcomes.”

“Make it a good week ahead by taking small steps forward towards your most important goal or dream. That is a whole lot more effective than getting stuck in daydreams about taking some huge leap forward.”

A blessing about having a successful week.

“I know you’ll have a very successful week, my friend. So stay focused, learn from your setbacks and keep taking action to go where you want to go.”

“Happy new week dear. “Now go. Bring your dreams to life. Fill the lives of your loved ones with joy. Time waits for no one.”

“You, my family, are my most meaningful blessing and the most important reason that I arise in the morning and work so hard.”

“I hope this glorious week brings you love, peace of mind, plenty of fun and lots of positive results.”

“May all the best things in life come your way this week and in the coming weeks and months. Have a blessed new week, my sunshine and moonlight.”

“Let’s start a wonderful week together by choosing to do good for the people in our lives and for all of humanity.”

“Attack Monday in a focused and positive way and you’ll not only get what matters done today but also set yourself up for a great and mighty blessed week ahead.”

“Wishing you that you will understand fast and easy and that you’ll have the power to excel in your studies. Have a great week at school!”

“I believe in you, my dear friend. I know that you have the courage and capabilities to make what you want into reality this week.”

“I love you so much and believe that you can achieve all of your dreams. Have a successful and happy new week, sweetheart!”

A blessing about abundant blessings and opportunities.

“This week, overflowing with abundant blessings and opportunities, go out there and make things happen!”

“It’s a wonderful morning so make the best you can of it to build a morning, day and week of great success.”

“I was thinking one day and I realized that if I just had somebody behind me all the way to motivate me I could make a big difference. Nobody came along like that so I just became that person for myself.”

Enjoying the Blessings of a New Week

“Good morning, take the time to enjoy and appreciate the fulfilling moments these coming days and have a blessed week ahead!

“By making this a blessed week for the people in your life that you love you’ll also make it a blessed week filled with joy for yourself.”

“May your new week be filled with peace and happiness. To make it so, make sure to fill other people’s lives with what you want to receive.”

“Your value is directly proportional to your positive impact on the people in your life. Focus on that to make this more successful week for you.”

“My dear friend, I wish you a wonderful and fruitful week ahead with plenty of blessings, joy and success.”

“Aim to be kind. You should be kind to others and yourself. Because if you do, then you’re sure to have a blessed new week.”

“May God bless you with good fortune and opportunities that you can seize as we enter a new and blessed week.”

“A new week arrives. What are you going to do? What will you do with it? Or stay within your comfortable space where nothing changes?”

“Be kinder. Do better. Have a beautiful week ahead.”

“Let go of the fatigue of the past week, let go of the mistakes and setbacks and so your days will be filled with new energy.”

“A happy new week wish for you: let it be filled with kindness, love, patience and peace.”

“I know you want to get many things done this week. But don’t forget to rest and reflect to not just work hard but smarter too.”

“To make this a fruitful new week: focus more on action, less on thinking. And more on learning from the feedback you get after you’ve taken action.”

“This week, make time for the things and the people you love. That will make your week unforgettable.”

“My only wish for the next 7 days: may this week be kind, loving and fun just the way you are.”

“Have a wonderful Monday and good week ahead! Let gratitude guide your way this week and don’t fall prey to negativity from within or from others.”

“Hello new week! How will you bring joy to me this wonderful week and how can I use the precious gifts of my own to bring joy to the next 7 days?”

“Focus only on what is here right now as you work during this week. The past is not important. Not the past. This will allow you to focus much better and give you moments of inner peace and flow throughout your day and week.”

Enjoy the Blessings of the New Week

“Focus on the positive and on gratitude on this new week to sweep away all your tiredness and fill your life with new energy. Wishing you a great week ahead!”

“A great start to your Monday naturally leads to a great week ahead. First, make this morning a good one. Next, have a wonderful and blessed day. And finally on having an amazing week and a wonderful time as best you can throughout these 7 days.”

“A new week always brings blessings and joy to anyone who is centered in this moment – not the future nor past – and keeps their mind open to opportunities and small miracles.”

“At the start of each week fill your life with new week wishes, prayers and messages from the people in your life and others you find online to make this a blessed week.”

“Let this week be a new and refreshing start for you. Aim high. Aim high. You can forget about past setbacks. May you have a wonderful week ahead!”

“Be open to the blessings you may encounter this week. Otherwise you may miss them and you mood and outlook could turn negative for no real reason at all.”

“Keep your faith in God, but also the right amount of effort in your goals to reap rewards with your efforts. Have a successful week.”

“May each week of your life be blessed with one or a few new opportunities to grow in some positive way. Wishing you a great week!”

“I hope you’ll have an incredible week. Sending you my best wishes and just give me a call if you need my support in anything.”

“Think of one small and kind thing you can do for someone each day this week to make a joyful and wonderful week.”

“Just take it step by step and focus only on the step you are on until it’s done. That’s the way to build a happy week. And to day by day and week by week shape your own destiny.”

“May this week finally bring you open doors in your endeavors and lead you to the greater success you deep down want. Wishing you a special week ahead, my good friend.”

“Forget the past. “Embrace the courage and new hope that I know are within you. Enjoy every moment and do what you love. Do that and I know you’ll have a lovely week.”

“Good morning, I’m sending you only positive vibes and encourage you to also focus just on your own positive thoughts to make it a fantastic week.”

“Blessings are often simple things like hanging out with friends and family, having some fun and enjoying nature or a good meal. Not only achieving goals. Remember that as you step into a new week.”

“Learn at least one thing from last week’s disappointments and improve yourself to make this week an even better one.”

“I know that last week was a stressful and challenging one. So make today and the rest of this week a time of letting that go and focusing on the bright future.”

“Do you want to enjoy today together with me? There is no one I’d rather spend time with to make this a fun and great start to the week.”

“To make this a fantastic week, think about what value you can add to the world before you think about what you want from the world.”

“Don’t let anything limit you on this blessed week. You are the best, and I know you can accomplish anything you want to. So happy new week wishes to you!”

“I pray that God’s blessings may find you wherever you are and no matter what situation you are in this week. Have a wonderful and blessed week ahead!”

“One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. And a positive day at the start of the week can change your whole week.”

Short New week Blessings

“I simply wish for you to have a hitch-free and a great week ahead, my dear friend.”

“Good morning, dear! Wishing you a great week ahead with plenty of fun.”

“Wishing you the success you so hope for and desire. Have a great week, my beloved friend.”

“Happy new week wishes, my friend. My hope for you to start the week with many blessings.”

“For a less stressful week, start each morning slowly and get in some exercise early in the day.”

“God bless you! May the Lord bless you and protect you! We wish you a happy and prosperous new week!

“I hope you have a joyous week ahead of you. May it be filled with love, hope and gratitude.”

“Thank you for blessing me with your presence in my life, my love. Have an amazing week ahead.”

“I know you’ll have a blessed and superb week, my friend. Believe in yourself and in your dreams and take action on them.”

“Wishing you a great weekend and an amazing new week ahead. Make the best out of these days to give and receive happiness.”

“May the Lord bless you with love and kindness this week. And be sure to appreciate your abundant blessings in life.”

“At the start of this beautiful week, prayer will help you and believing in yourself will too. So use both of these powers.”

“God bless you and the beginning of a new and promising week.”

“I wish you a wonderful and fruitful week ahead. Happy new week, my love.”

“This will be a lovely week because I’ll be meeting you once again.”

“I wish you a very wonderful and successful week, may your path be filled with God’s love and help during these days.”

“Wishing you a wonderful week ahead and may you achieve your goals in a simple and joyful way this week.”

“Dear God, bless this new week for my friend. Keep him safe and help him reach success.”

“I wish you a great week and hope that you’ll be able to start and end it with joy.

“Spend more time than you usually do this week cheerfully, kindly and beautifully with those dear to your heart.”

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