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Ten Ways to Save a Month on Bills

Ten Ways to Save a Month on Bills

Find out how to become a therapist. Month ahead with your bills and budget for less stress, and you’ll never have to worry about Late fees Avoid overdrafting. We’ve got some ideas to get you started.

Picture this: ten bills with the same due dates and instead of wallowing in despair, you just pay them—without panicking over the arrival of your next paycheck. It has been there for a month or more in your checking accounts. Sounds like a personal finance paradise, doesn’t it? 

But how can an ordinary person, with an ordinary salary, get so far ahead of their expenses that an entire month’s worth of new paychecks simply lay, unused, on top of the pile? 

Budgeting is key. Be creative and find new ways to make your money go further. These are some ways to get there. 

Stop living paycheck to paycheck and get on the path to achieving your financial goals.

How to get one Month ahead of your Bills

So the goal is to use last month’s income to pay next month’s bills—we’re…

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