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10 Ways Canadians Are Wasting Money

10 Ways Canadians Are Wasting Money

I can’t help but continue to chime in on sharing frugal living experiences with my readers in the face of recession.

Angela Mainse from Canada, a Canadian Budget Binder Reader, shares how she has become a family expert in saving money after years of being frugal.

Many Canadians struggle to afford living expenses, pay their bills, and have enough food to eat. This may lead to some feeling that going to debt is the only way to get by.

What can we do as a group to counter the bureaucracy in government?

Not a whole hell of a lot because I’m convinced we can only help ourselves.

People can be kind, shared, educated, assisted, and treated with kindness. Everyone has a history, and not everyone is wasting money in the exact same way.

I’ve had countless readers tell me they have No more budget to trim. And I wish I could have done more.

Sometimes, just by reading about others’ experiences can create a connection even between strangers who are able to relate to one another.

Let’s discuss and recognize expenses that may work against your budget.

Ten Ways Canadians Are Wasting Money

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