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Budgets are effective for 10 reasons!

Budgets are effective for 10 reasons!

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Budgets Work, and I will explain why we’ve successfully used one to help us become Before the age of 40, you can be debt-free.

If you’re not ready for a budget because someone told you they suck or are worthless, think again.

Any time we fail at something, it’s easy to throw in the towel, and the reality is negativity can come from failure.

If you haven’t tried budgeting, don’t knock it until you give it a shot.

You may be deterred from making the right decision if you listen to others’ stories about their financial struggles.

Decide to be in control of your finances and not let anyone else influence you.

Will a budget be effective? Let’s explore the pros and cons and why they fail.

Budgets work for 10 reasons

How do you know if your budget is working?

Dear Mr. CBB

Your budget spreadsheet was not well received by a friend who said that it was too complicated.

She also said that budgets suck and they aren’t worth taking the time to fill them out.

I’ve never used a budget before, and as I head off to University this Fall, I wanted to test how they work.

I’m worried because she had nothing positive to say about budgeting.

How can you tell if a budget is working and what should…

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