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Ten Popular Summer Canning Recipes

Ten Popular Summer Canning Recipes

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Summer canning recipes are popular because it’s the perfect time of year to preserve for the winter season and Saving money.

You may find some recipes to prepare for Fall canning.

The cost of groceries has skyrocketed across Canada. A garden is an excellent way to cut costs.

This post is packed with information including canning tips, tools, recipes and more.

You can also learn about the new grow light I purchased for our seedlings.

Ten Popular Summer Canning Recipes

Starting A Garden From Seed For Canning Recipes

We grow quite a big Community garden Every summer, we plant and plot around our home.

I am a plant. Plants grown from seedsYou can also use cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers. Beets.

I purchased a car in the past year. Grow lights Buy seedlings on Amazon for only $120. You will have a ton of plants ready to go in your summer garden.

Amazon Canada Grow Lights To Start Garden Seedlings.
Amazon Canada Starter Lights For Gardening.

I would also like to try out new recipes by adding something to my garden.

I searched Pinterest for the most popular recipes and sourced them.

I’ll narrow it down to two canning recipes that I will try to Reduce grocery costs.

Growing Courgettis' For Canning Recipes

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